How to land a security job at a retail store

Many guards we talk to ask for tips on how to land a security job at a retail store.  Here are some of our recommendations:

Be friendly 😁: You are the first and last person the visitor will see at the store.  Someone hiring for a retail site will look for applicants that are friendly.

Look sharp 👔: Stores care about the visitor’s experience.  How you look when they first walk in is part of that.  Priority will go to the guards that take care of their appearance and look professional.  Some examples include having your shirt tucked in, and not having your clothes be wrinkled.

Show that you can follow directions ✅: Store managers and staff will especially look for guards that are good at following directions.  It’s likely that there will be hints and tests during the interview relating to this topic.  Make sure to pick up on it and show them that you can follow specific instructions.  If it’s not mentioned during the interview, it doesn’t hurt to call it out directly.

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